Denise Harris

Education Adviser, Services For Education

Denise is an experienced and qualified teacher with various experiences across the age range and in a variety of contexts including an EAZ, a Young Offenders Institute and as a primary numeracy consultant. Since Birmingham’s participation and her own involvement in the research into mathematics interventions under the Williams Review in 2008 and the subsequent development of the Every Child Counts (ECC) mathematics intervention programmes with Edge Hill University she has continued to invest in the life chances of children in Birmingham and beyond.

For almost ten years she has been determined to provide the opportunity for schools across the West Midlands, to meet the needs of children in KS1, KS2 and KS3 who are underachieving, through an investment in intervention programmes which not only impact on individual progress and success but have been proven to impact more widely including on the whole school approach to developing a mastery curriculum for all children.

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