Helen Grundy

Education Adviser and NQT Appropriate Body Manager, Services For Education

Being a teacher/senior leader in Staffordshire primary schools for 16 years, increasingly brought me into the role of guiding and leading others. This was a role that I found rewarding and enjoyable and which shaped my career in an unexpected direction, supporting colleagues rather than children.

Guiding NQTs, trainee teachers, TAs and other teachers in my role as a Leading Maths Teacher, led me to become an adviser which is a job I love undertaking in Birmingham. Managing the NQT programme for Services for Education, one of the largest Appropriate Bodies nationally is both challenging and interesting.

I am as passionate about enabling our NQTs to be the best that they can be as I used to be with the children in my class. Teaching is an all-consuming but wonderful profession and I’m privileged to help shape teachers who have skill, knowledge, resilience, confidence and above all fun in order to get the best outcomes for our children.

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