Nazma Meah

Director, The Nazma Project

As a child of migrant parents, Nazma’s love for learning came from reading books at school and her local library. Both parents could not speak English so through reading, Nazma enhanced her learning to ensure she achieved 11 GCSE’s A-C. However, due to life happening…Nazma did not start her degree till 2012 and subsequently went on to become an Early Years Teacher. As she had achieved A-C in Maths, English and Science then, she was able to pick and choose where she wanted her future to go!

Owning and managing several pre-schools whilst having a family too, Nazma wants to highlight the importance of reading to ensure good SATS and then GCSE results. The Nazma Project empowers girls to do well at their SATS and GCSE’s to ensure they get good results enabling and empowering them for the future via reading. The importance of doing well now to secure your future so you have a choice. Also seeing and hearing from someone that represents them to show that it can be done. A very Unique project! Representation Matters.

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