Philip Hynan

Deputy Headteacher, Harper Bell Seventh-day Adventist Primary

Philip is the deputy headteacher of Harper Bell Seventh-day Adventist Primary School, a small, inner-city Christian school located in the centre of Birmingham. Harper Bell have designed their curriculum under-pinned by the belief that “British history” is “black history” and vice-versa. They believe it is impossible to teach one without the other and that as teachers, we must not avoid teaching the “tricky bits” of British history and culture.

Teaching and learning, and in particular, curriculum design, are two of Philip’s biggest passions. Philip has been a teacher for thirteen years and believes his moral purpose is his biggest strength as an educator. He is unwavering in his belief that the education and opportunities he provides for his pupils, must be good enough for his own children. Alongside Philip’s roles and responsibilities as a school leader, he also volunteers in a number of capacities that directly improve the opportunities afforded to the children of Birmingham, including being chairman of Birmingham Primary Schools’ Football Association.

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