Helen Hackett

Teaching for Mastery Lead & Mathematics & PD Executive

As joint TfMastery Lead for Central Maths Hub, I work on regional projects and in my wider role I work on  national projects with the NCETM.

My role is varied as I not only work both for Maths Hubs and the NCETM, but also lead maths across a MAT and offer school to school support as an SLE, whilst also offering a range of bespoke CPD as an accredited PD Lead.  I am a cohort 1 mastery specialist and have taken an active role in each DfE Shanghai teacher exchange; visiting Shanghai myself in the 2016 exchange and hosting two teachers at Parkfield on the return leg.  I work with schools across the country, and beyond, providing a range of bespoke CPD.

What all of my roles have in common, is that they all allow me to share my passion for mathematics teaching and learning with others and therefore influence maths education.  I work at leadership level, but also still teach and enjoy helping whole school communities (including teaching assistants and parents) to embrace Teaching for Mastery approaches as a way of ensuring everyone understands the vital role maths skills have shaping futures and how we can all enjoy teaching and learning mathematics.    Maths skills give young people the power to shape their lives and I help school communities to ensure all their students develop these skills

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