Lindsey Hammond

Secondary School Improvement Consultant & Project Manager, Secondary Reading Packages, BEP

Lindsey has 39 years of experience of working in education in Birmingham, where she has worked in four comprehensive schools each serving communities with high levels of social disadvantage. As a Senior Leader in two schools, Lindsey led whole school literacy, a specialism which has been a passion throughout her career.  She has extensive experience of school improvement in both Primary and Secondary phases through advisory roles, two of which were which set in a national context.  The principles of system leadership underpin her ongoing work to support Communities of Practice, with a determination to bring about improved pupil outcomes.

Entering teaching as a Secondary English teacher with a specialism in teaching English as an Additional Language, Lindsey took up posts to develop Literacy for learning across the curriculum in two inner city Birmingham comprehensive schools. She joined the Local Authority in the role of a Staff Development Tutor for Birmingham’s TVEI initiative, where she worked cross-phase to develop teacher networks with a focus on student-centred learning. In 1993 she was appointed to a senior leadership post in an outer-ring Secondary comprehensive school as Learning Strategies Co-ordinator, which incorporated leading whole school literacy. In 2000, Lindsey moved to the role of National Strategies Consultant with a remit for Secondary Literacy. Following the National Strategies initiative, she took up the post of School Effectiveness Adviser, working cross phase in priority schools; a key responsibility was to develop the LA role as a Strategic Support Co-ordinator for schools in category. Her second senior leadership post was as Teaching School Manager of a Secondary Cohort 1 Teaching School, during which period she also managed the West Midlands Hub for the Challenge Partners.  She continued to lead whole school literacy as her school-based responsibility.  In her BEP role, Lindsey has project managed the Secondary 2018/19 Reading Pilot to deliver three CPD programmes embracing Academic Language, Leadership of Reading and intensive coaching of teachers of reading.

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