Manjit Shellis

Assistant Director, Wider Learning, BEP

Manjit has an extensive 30 year plus experience as an educationalist who has worked in a variety of settings across both the school and community sector. She began her career as a teacher and senior leader in Birmingham secondary schools working both as a pastoral head and curriculum lead. She took on the challenge of being part of a senior leadership team developing the then, Birmingham based educational charity, UFA, into a national organisation. Funded by the DFE, UFA went onto work with over 50 local authorities, to roll out extended learning  and youth leadership programmes for over 750,000 young people and trained 7000 adults in a variety of setting from schools, libraries, hospitals, arts organisations, the police force, children’s centres to name but a few.  Set up by Professor Tim Brighouse in the 1990s, UFA has gained a national reputation for innovative practice in learning design and the development of young people’s leadership within both school and community settings.  At the heart of this work has been unlocking the potential of young people and raising aspirations across schools, homes and communities; developing young people’s character, skills and knowledge in order to become confident individuals, successful learners and responsible leaders.

Manjit has a wide knowledge of educational theory, neuroscience, psychology and sociology which she has drawn on to develop an approach to programme design which uses the science of learning, the art of teaching and the ethos of youth work to create deeply engaging learning experiences for children & young people. Manjit has also been involved in the authoring of a number of publications about learning. Manjit has been involved with National Citizen Service (NCS) programme for since its launch in 2011 and with the ‘I Will’ campaign. This has involved developing and piloting different social action delivery models. Manjit has also working alongside the Behavioural Insights Team, commissioned by NCS Trust, to test out curriculum innovations, such as the goalsetting technique known as WOOP. Manjit has a keen interest in integrating student leadership, social action with personal & social development in order to create transformative learning experiences.

She currently sits on the governing bodies of both primary and secondary schools in Birmingham and is on the advisory group for the Compassionate Education Foundation. After 20 fantastic years with UFA, she has taken up the role of Assistant Director for Wider Learning, for Birmingham Education Partnership.

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