Philippa Clark

Systemic Training and Consultation Lead, BEP

Philippa has recently joined BEP as the Systemic Training and Consultation Lead, as part of the mental health arm of The Inclusion Team. Philippa has been developing training for the School based Mental Health Leads on the back of the Green Paper and working with schools on some therapeutic reviews-seeing how a systemic or psycho-therapeutic lens can assist schools in strengthening their mental health and well-being provision.

As a Systemic Psychotherapist with many years of CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health) experience, Philippa has previously spent her working day with whole families where one or more of the children have a mental health problem. A systemic approach sees problems as sitting within the system rather than within individuals and holds great focus on relationships. In this approach everything is connected so, for schools, this means that if one part of the system changes it can create an opportunity for other changes.

Philippa has spent her career working with Children & Families as a nursery nurse, social worker and Primary Mental Health Worker. In all of these roles she has worked with whole families who are multi-stressed and require support so building and maintaining relationships has been fundamental.   Philippa is passionate about finding ways to empower parents & carers, whole families and communities to be more involved in all aspects of their children’s education and schools to benefit from the skills and community links that they have in parents to create real systemic sustainable change. Philippa is interested in developing ways that children can be heard and help to shape the services they use.

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