Anna Robinson

BEP Mental Health & Wellbeing Lead

Anna Robinson has been working at a both a system leadership level and operationally in mental health for over 15 years.   She is widely regarded in Birmingham as being a trusted source not only of up to date knowledge but also as someone who is able to advocate well for the needs school leaders and wider groups.

Anna has experience of working across health, social care, education and the voluntary sector with hard to reach, marginalised and high-risk groups.  This range of multi agency, and multi-cultural experience has meant that she is able to hold the attention of education leaders and speak from a grounded place of knowing in order to support and deliver change.

She has developed and led the NewStart approach with colleagues in Birmingham for over 5 years and also works closely with mental health providers as a key partner in the development and implementation of Mental Health Support Teams in the city in addition to working with the Education Psychology service to manage and deliver work and strategic change in the city.  She leads Headroom, a leadership development and emotional support programme for Birmingham Heads.  Her team also deliver training to Mental Health Leads under the DfE’s grant-funded programme.

Anna is a UCKP registered psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and trainer.  She knows how important relationships and collaboration are to making lasting change.  The combination of her ability to offer accessible and relevant psychoeducation, grounded in a wider systems perspective is helpful to schools not only to making strategic change but also in managing the anxieties that those in schools supporting mental health can feel.

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