Day 2 – Resources


Curriculum: Controversies, Concepts and Conversations

Mary Myatt

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Primary curriculum resource session.

Manjit Shellis – BEP & Sharon Cufflin – Link2ICT

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Secondary curriculum resource session.

Manjit Shellis – BEP

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Improving Reading: Primary

Fiona Oakley – National Literacy Trust & Emma Arnott – BEP

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Improving Reading: Secondary

Fiona Oakley – National Literacy Trust, Lindsey Hammond – BEP & Jayne Welsh

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When punishment & rewards stop working for children – how do we respond?

Anna Robinson & Phillipa Clark – BEP

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Good approaches to meeting new requirements for Reading at KS1 & 2

Paulette Osborne – BEP

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Peer Review / Peer Learning / Peer Challenge

Emma Tyler – BEP / Steve Taylor – Robin Hood

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Financial Wisdom – Maximising your technology spend to greatest effect

Bren Taylor – Link2ICT

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Financial Wisdom – School access for all.

Mary Le Breuilly – eLearning Foundation

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Financial Wisdom – what great schools do in times of austerity

Karen Davies & Dave Yardley – School & Governor Support

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