Learning to Shape Birmingham ‘Stronger Together’ Virtual Leadership Conference

Monday 28th September – Thursday 1st October 2020

The Learning to Shape Birmingham Conference has always had the mission of bringing our community of Birmingham schools together. At this time it is even more important that we all connect to build strong, supportive and mutually beneficial local and city-wide partnerships, ensuring that no school is left isolated.  It makes more sense than ever to not waste time reinventing wheels and we believe it is best if the profession, rather than the DfE, establish consensus over what is a reasonable approach at this time.

The Stronger Together virtual conference will capture and share the good practice and grass-roots wisdom across the city. Participants will gain knowledge and learning from respected speakers in their field as well as practical input from their peers through a combination of live and pre-recorded sessions. Subjects for discussion will include:

  • Home learning and tracking progress. E.g. What kind of home learning activities work best and what kinds of gaps does this leave us with?
  • Physical Health & Fitness. E.g. What are the key threats to children’s physical health and fitness through this time… and what are some remedies that are working to address these?
  • Mental Health. E.g. Given the realities of where we are today, and the realities of the particular communities you serve what can we do for every child / household to support good mental health now? What is working best to get effective targeted and specialist services to those who need it most?
  • Race. E.g. How do we equip all heads to think deeply and genuinely about this? How do we honestly “own” our own part in systemic racism and what can we do practically now?
  • Leadership. E.g. What is your lasting leadership learning worth holding onto from this time?
  • Post Covid curriculum. E.g.  Mixed models of learning that engages with common problems and utterly disparate learning experiences of each individual.
  • Managing school during Covid times. E.g. A celebration of pragmatism, stamina and problem solving: What processes and products are worth sharing given today’s constraints and challenges?
  • Support for the most vulnerable (poverty/deprivation). E.g. including engagement, the ideas of catch-up / gap closing.

This conference will be bought to you in association with Camden Learning and Learn Sheffield.

In the current climate it is clear that we are all in need of support. To ensure that as many schools as possible benefit from this conference we are offering a number of short and concise sessions that you can register for and log in to as is convenient.

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